Chef Reza's 2023 Cooking Classes

A Recap of Chef Reza’s 2023 Cooking Classes

Cooking is an art that blends passion, creativity, and technique, and there’s no better way to master it than learning from the experts. From September to December 2023, Chef Reza hosted an unforgettable series of cooking classes at their Richmond Hill location that left participants craving for more. With a diverse range of topics, hands-on experiences, and a shared love for food, these classes were nothing short of a gastronomic journey. A wide range of topics were covered in these classes:


Meat Cutting and Preservation – The Foundation

The journey began with the essential skills of meat cutting and preservation. Chef Reza’s expertise shone as he demonstrated the art of selecting and carving various cuts of meat. Participants learned the nuances of proper storage and preservation techniques to ensure the freshness of their ingredients.

Koobideh Kebab Mix and Skewering Mastery

One of the highlights was the hands-on session on preparing and skewering Koobideh Kebab mix. From blending the perfect mix of spices to mastering the art of skewering, participants left with newfound skills to create these mouthwatering kebabs at home.


Thanksgiving Turkey Extravaganza

As the holiday season approached, Chef Reza took us on a Thanksgiving journey like no other. Participants were treated to an in-depth session on preparing the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, complete with tips on brining, roasting, and carving. The result? Memorable holiday feasts that tasted like a professional chef’s creation.


Joojeh Kabab Marination Magic

Joojeh Kabab lovers rejoiced as Chef Reza revealed the secrets behind the perfect marination. From the right blend of saffron to the precise yogurt-to-spice ratio, participants discovered the key to marinating chicken to tender, flavorful perfection.

Abgoosht (Dizi) – A Comfort Food Classic

Abgoosht, often referred to as Dizi, was another cherished topic. Chef Reza shared the intricacies of preparing this heartwarming stew, filled with slow-cooked lamb, beans, chickpeas, and aromatic herbs and spices. Participants learned the art of simmering flavors to create a comforting bowl of Abgoosht.


Barg Kebab – Savoring the Finer Cuts

The series also delved into Barg Kebab preparation, where participants explored the world of fine cuts of meat. Chef Reza’s guidance ensured that every slice of Barg kebab was tender and bursting with flavor.


Throughout the classes, Chef Reza generously shared his extensive knowledge and culinary secrets. Participants learned invaluable tips and tricks to elevate their cooking, from enhancing flavors to perfecting presentation.


With over 30 eager participants, these classes were in high demand. The capacity limit meant that only select individuals could join, and the sessions were free of charge. All ingredients and tools were provided, ensuring everyone had the chance to fully immerse themselves in the culinary experience.


As a token of appreciation, all participants received a participation certificate at the end of the classes, commemorating their presence in the first round of cooking classes with Chef Reza. It was a testament to their commitment to honing their culinary skills.


Chef Reza’s cooking classes from September to December 2023 were a resounding success. They brought together a community of food enthusiasts who shared a passion for cooking and a desire to refine their skills. The invaluable knowledge gained, hands-on experiences, and the joy of creating mouthwatering dishes made this journey truly unforgettable. As we look forward to future culinary adventures, the memories and skills acquired during these classes will continue to inspire our love for cooking and appreciation for the art of gastronomy.




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